Benefits of Visiting a Cnc Machine Shop Arizona

Parallel Ventures
Parallel Ventures

Have trouble with your labour force returning to work in a post-Covid world? Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines have brought about positive changes for window and door manufacturers in the manufacturing space.

Instead of manually setting up machines in your production facility (this requires many hours of labour, which can be costly and hard to find in a labour-challenged market), CNC machine shop Arizona have automated these processes, meaning the machines do the work, not your labour force. The software can be set up to automatically transfer the machining data to the CNC machine, producing the windows and doors quickly and precisely without being reliant on a skilled labour force.

CNC Automation is a big decision for your business and may even seem daunting, which is completely understandable. This approach, however, has so many benefits for your business, processes, and staff, including:

1. Increase in productivity

The use of CNCs has allowed manufacturers to work much faster to deliver the same standard of products without the added need for skilled labour resources. 

2. Saves time and money

CNCs can work long hours, producing many customer orders in less time than labour-intensive manufacturing. 

3. Eliminates human errors

Errors such as cutting the aluminium too short, or the glass too big, can lead to a decrease in profits, especially when every penny counts. When you use CNCs, the machine is programmed to deliver the product as per the design data, thus eliminating all chance of human error.

4. Decreases material wastes

The CNC machines are precise, eliminating human error and decreasing wasted materials. This saves your business money in reducing wastage and the compounded time spent on reworks.

5. Safe and easy to use

With CNC machine shops Arizona, operators do not need to get close to the cutting tools, decreasing occupational health and safety accidents. This is a win for the business and staff.

6. Future-proofing your business

Introducing CNC into your business allows you to adapt to changing designs, building codes, and standards. This allows your business to keep up with the changing world of manufacturing and keep you in the front of technology advances in the window and door industry.

7. Free up the skilled labour you do have for professional specialist work

CNC machines help to reduce the labour required for the most basic administrative tasks, most of which can easily be automated. This will free up the skilled work you have to focus on their specific skill area rather than menial administrative tasks.

8. Less time and money spent on staff training

With your CNCs automated to produce orders in your manufacturing facility, you don’t need to train any new staff or carry the cost of training staff on setting up and running your CNCs. You require less staff and fewer training hours for the team to use the CNC machines.

CNC machine not only increases your productivity and saves time and money, it removes the reliance on a skilled labour force at a time where labour is one of the industry’s biggest challenges, but they also future-proof your business!!