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Barry Taylor is a Queensland, Australia-based attorney who specializes in commercial law, business and property law, local government, compensation, strategic town planning, the environment, native title, and large-scale project management. Everything you need to know about him is as follows.

Barry Taylor, who is he?

For more than 30 years, Barry Taylor, a highly skilled attorney, has advised and represented clients all throughout Queensland. He has developed a reputation as a strong advocate in all areas of business and infrastructure law as the Director of Emanate Legal.

What are his credentials?

The Supreme Court of Queensland, the High Court of Australia, the Supreme Court of the Northern Territory, the Supreme Court of New South Wales, and the High Court of New Zealand all recognise Barry Taylor as an attorney. He is a Queensland Law Society-approved mediator as well as a notary public. He also belongs to the Urban Development Institute of Australia and serves as a director of a number of corporations.

What is his background in the workplace?

Barry has over 30 years of expertise in the legal, corporate, business, and development fields. Many of Townsville’s most important public and private enterprises have sought out his acknowledged legal counsel, which is renowned for mixing common sense and practicality for an outcome with good technical expertise.

Who are a few of his customers?

The Townsville City Council, Townsville Port Authority, James Cook University, Juniper Development Group, Australian Institute of Marine Science, Lancini Group of Companies, Hughes/Georgina Grazing, Mirvac Group, Parkside Group, City Pacific Group, CEC Group, Rea Group, Koorelah Farms, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Tipalea Feedlot Group, Menegazzo Group, McClymont Group, and numerous other stakeholders in the success of the Townsville region are among the numerous clients

What are his particular areas of expertise?

Barry Taylor Townsville virtually solely practices commercial law, with an emphasis on agribusiness and corporate negotiations. He helps customers with land resumption concerns, primary producer succession planning, and land/vegetation clearing issues with the help of his team of commercial lawyers. In order to achieve favourable outcomes for clients, he has also worked on significant resumption/land injury cases in Queensland and the Northern Territory. He has negotiated and documented a variety of compensation agreements on behalf of both landowners and construction authorities.

Barry has also worked in Queensland, the Northern Territory, and Papua New Guinea in major planning and environmental law, property law, corporate law, and business law capacities. He has also negotiated and drafted a variety of international commercial agreements in nations like China, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, and the United States.


In conclusion, Barry Taylor is a highly skilled attorney with extensive knowledge in a variety of legal areas. He is renowned for providing excellent technical expertise along with common sense and practicality to produce positive results for his clients. Barry Taylor is a great option if you’re seeking for a lawyer in Queensland, Australia, who can give you sound legal counsel and advocacy.