Barry Taylor: The Experienced and Respected Commercial Law Attorney


Barry Taylor is a well-known and highly regarded Director of Emanate Legal based in Townsville. He has extensive experience in various areas, including corporate and property law, compensation, local government, strategic town planning, environment, native title, and effective project management. With over thirty years of experience in the legal, corporate, commercial, and development fields, Taylor has established a reputation as an excellent attorney who combines common sense and practicality with sound technical expertise.

Taylor is a highly experienced legal expert in agriculture and commercial negotiation. He has extensive knowledge and skills in helping clients with various legal issues related to land resumption, succession planning for primary producers, and land and vegetation removal. He has a strong track record of representing clients in significant resumption and land injury cases in Queensland and the Northern Territory in Australia. Additionally, Taylor has worked as a practicing attorney in several international locations, including China, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, and the United States, where he has gained experience in various legal areas such as planning, environmental, property, corporate, and business law.

Barry Taylor from Townsville is a highly sought-after legal advisor in his area and has built a reputation for providing insightful and practical advice to a range of significant public and private entities. His clients include the Townsville City Council, responsible for managing the city’s infrastructure and resources, and the Townsville Port Authority, responsible for the management and development of the city’s major port facilities. Additionally, Taylor has a strong relationship with James Cook University, one of the leading universities in the region, and provides legal counsel to several North Queensland businesses.

Taylor’s expertise in commercial law is well recognized, and he is known for providing legal advice that is both practical and technically sound. He has a wealth of experience in various commercial and infrastructural law areas and is known for his ability to find creative solutions to complex legal problems. This, combined with his reputation for being an excellent advocate, has made him the go-to legal advisor for many of the most powerful entities in the region.

Barry Taylor’s experience, expertise, and reputation have made him a valuable asset to clients seeking legal representation in agriculture and commercial negotiation. He is known for his fast intellect, exceptional recall, and easy-going charm, and he is a highly sought-after attorney in all areas of business and infrastructural law. With a team of commercial attorneys, Taylor continues to provide top-notch legal services to clients in the Townsville area and beyond.