Andre Alonzo Chambers: an Entrepreneur, Consultant, and Investor

Andre Alonzo Chambers las vegas

According to Andre Alonzo Chambers Las Vegas, starting and running a business can be the most challenging task for aspiring entrepreneurs. However, it’s the most rewarding project anyone could think of doing. Despite the ups and downs, you’ll learn much about yourself and your capabilities as an entrepreneur, and you also know how to create value where there’s none. 

Following Andre Alonzo Chambers las vegas- a seasoned Investor, consultant and entrepreneur,  you are becoming a better CEO by simply writing down your goals. Andre is from Los Angeles, CA. he later moved to Las Vegas to attend UNLV and launch several online e-commerce sites reselling consumer electronics. He currently resides in Silicon Valley, where he pursues his passion for business strategy consulting. Also, Andre Alonzo Chambers Las Vegas is an active member of several professional organizations.

Tips for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

typically entrepreneurship is a challenging road to go down, requiring a specific mindset that you can’t always be taught. However, there are general rules to follow that will make your entrepreneurial journey a little bit smooth. Following Andre Alonzo Chambers, you’ll learn important tips as you aspire for an entrepreneurial journey and become successful. 

  • Take Risks

While venturing into entrepreneurship, not that it involves risk-taking moves. A good entrepreneur should have demonstrated the ability to take greeter rocks to achieve their goals. However, not all risk-takers are always successful. by demonstrating the ability to take the risk, all entrepreneurs should always have a plan before taking a risk, have a plan b Incase of loss any loss of mishap and establish suitable grounds for the results of the risks

  • Have Self Discipline

it’s another essential characteristic that makes you a good entrepreneur. They are able to accomplish set tasks whether or not they are feeling up to it. Self-discipline means the ability to master inner self and emotions to generate a sense of responsibility for getting jobs done. 

  • Creativity

Entrepreneurs with a creative mind will always give birth to something new . which means there will be no innovation without creativity. Therefore, creativity helps come up with solutions for problems at hand while thinking of other effective solutions outside the box. Also, it gives entrepreneurs the ability to devise new products for similar markets. 


To manage his time effectively, use a very simple technique. As soon as he wakes up in the morning (usually around 5:00 am), he begins preparing for his day. You’ll, therefore, Improve on becoming a successful and better entrepreneur.