All You Need To Know About the Different Stages of Architecture with Stefan Motzo

Architecture Design

The field of architecture is by nature an experimental field. With different personalities and backgrounds in life, very particular needs of the built environment require different specializations. Either you are looking to decide the scope and concept of your project or what way you want to pursue it. You need to try different experiments and different styles. The different experiences can be harvested by learning from experts, being on-site, or pursuing the independent learning path. 

Talking about Stefan Motzo, he is one of the best architects in Germany who always focuses on learning and implementing new things as a great architect. According to him, the field of architecture includes various things that can assist a person to achieve different things with his or her creativity and the passion to do it. As an experienced architect, he always looks for new opportunities in his career and to help his clients effectively when it comes to design and its implementation. Stefan also suggested some important points that related to the process of architecture let’s have a look at them:

Schematic design

Schematic refers to represented simply. During the initial stage of the design process, clients meet with an architect, architects learn project needs, assess the sites of construction, and develop the overall design. Architects make design and materials, including models and renderings, with a degree of information and detail that can allow the clients to examine and approve the design.

Design development

Once the clients approved the design, the architects filled it with finer detail and plans: electrical systems, air conditioning, plumbing, etc. At this stage, architects also collaborate with structural engineers. Building codes, ordinances, and environmental regulations become particular areas of discussion. The development of design also incorporates interior designing and, and in some cases, landscape planning also.  

Construction Documents

After the finalization of the design, the architects prepare the necessary documents with construction details to enable construction. These documents are the instructions that contractors follow. Versions of the construction documents can be distributed to potential contractors so that they can estimate the bid and costs on the job.

Construction Administration

Finally, the design becomes a real construction project as the building or main construction site is built. According to Stefan Motzo, it depends on the nature of an architectural firm, local jurisdictional rules, preferences of the client, and how architects will be involved at various stages of the construction. In the last more than 15 years, Stefan Motzo has proved that all it needs is to focus on the skills that an architect has to achieve different milestones in the field of architecture.