All You Need to Know About Choosing the Right Tires for Your Vehicle

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Few factors can enhance the performance of your vehicles, such as tires, their manufacturer, tread, best wheel bearing grease, and much more.

The right set of tires (or tires) can boost the whole performance of your vehicle, which includes consumption and safety.

Stating the obvious, tires are the vital organs of your vehicle.

A good set of tires can improve the acceleration, brakes, and overall quality of the automobile.

Keeping that in mind, here are some factors you should know while choosing a set of tires.

  1. Choose Tube-type or tubeless

When choosing between tubeless and tube-type tires, always pick the tubeless ones as they are safer and much more advanced compared to tube-type tires. They also have many benefits than tube-type tires.

  • Tire size

When you buy new tires, make sure to pay more attention to the size. Read the size of the tire and know which suits best for your vehicle. The size of the tire is described by three parts – rim size, the width of the tread of the tire, and the height of the sidewalls.

  • Tread pattern

The tread pattern of a tire plays a crucial part in your driving experience as it directly impacts your vehicle’s performance in harsh weather conditions. How? As they can channel the water away when you are driving in flooded areas. There are 3 types of tread patterns – conventional, uni-directional, and asymmetric.

  • Quality of the tire

There are few things you need to keep in mind while buying a new set of tires, such as:

  • The brand – i.e., the quality of the manufacturer
  • Warranty – don’t buy a product that doesn’t have a warranty period
  • Date of manufacture – check the manufacturing date on the sidewall. Don’t buy a tire older than 6 months.
  • Pick a good wheel-bearing grease

Choose the best wheel-bearing grease. Wheel bearings turn at an incredibly high speed when you drive. A good quality wheel bearing with a refined design allows minimal friction and increases longevity. Moreover, wheel bearing grease is essential.

Though you may not notice, wheel bearings can make you aware of their presence by making a growling or humming noise whenever you accelerate or turn. To avoid such friction, make sure to apply grease to your wheel bearing every 10,000 miles to maintain good condition.

Bearings are important for enabling smooth wheel rotation. The strength of bearing is maintained with proper greasing that reduces heat from friction and cools them efficiently while performing at high speeds.


Apart from picking the right tires for your vehicle, other factors too play an important role in augmenting the quality and durability of your vehicle and enabling safe driving. Always read and research whenever you are planning to buy a tire.

Even the smallest detail of picking the best wheel-bearing grease play a predominant role in protecting the bearings from corrosion, dirt, and debris. This enables the wheels to spin for optimum efficiency smoothly.