Alex Arrash Ariana – Income Trading Expert


Are you looking forward to a charity and need some guidance about raising funds for the same? Then you should consult with a person or organization that has expertise in fundraising activities for a charity cause. Basically, it is not easy to strategize charity, and the most important task is to raise funds to accelerate the process of helping hands. But, how would it be if someone suggested you to a skilled person and have long experience in fundraising drives? Alex Arrash Ariana is a name in the same pool who is also an income trading expert. Let’s know more about Alex ArrashArianaand his tips on doing so and raising funds as much as possible for charitable causes.

Biography of Alex ArrashAriana

Education Background –

He is a person with a solid aim in his life. On the education side, he holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biological and Medicinal Chemistry. He had done his graduation from Exeter University. He has always been a bright student and completed his studies with a purpose.

Corporate Background –  

After successful completion of his studies, he joined and worked as a European alternative asset manager. He was dedicated to his job role of fundraising for equity and fixed income strategies.

Present Day –

After creating a deep pool of knowledge and gaining 15 years of markets experience, he thinks about a platform named Rubix, an Asian-based global private placement agent. He is the Managing Partner and founder of Rubix Group. Now he is a helping hand of people in fixed income trading, hedge fund sales, asset management, capital introduction, and intellectual capital.

Charity Programs and fund Raising Drives –

He is a man with a great pool of knowledge and experience; he has raised funds for so many charities through his different kinds of funds raising activities. Hardly anyone can beat in doing so as he has his formulas and tricks to do so. Some of the main areas he is a helping hand for are Cancer support, supporting blind and partially sighted people. He has successfully executed more than fifteen fundraising events.

Final Words…!!!

Alex Arrash Ariana has a clear goal and a high spirit to do well for people. He is an Income Trading Expert and a great helping hand in fundraising strategies. If you are involved or think to be involved in a charity program, you must get in touch with this man and learn his tips to raise money as much as possible for charity causes.