Alberto Serafino Motzo -A working student and dental practitioner from Germany


Smiles and laughter often convey happiness and joy to everyone. A beautiful smile offers many benefits for human mental and physical health and benefits those around it. A good smile is contagious. Because most of the time, if a person is smiling, those around him are in a happy state as well. However, the effectiveness of a smile depends on the quality of your smile and your oral health.

Recognizing the importance of oral health, student Alberto Serafino Motzo -a working student from Germany decided to hone his skills further by pursuing masters in dentistry. Alberto understands the realities of oral health services that most people ignore, so he understands them and promotes oral health services.

During his tenure, Alberto was able to better plan his medical, oral and clinical care in order to provide the patient with the best possible dental care. Alberto in his practice promotes the safety of anesthesia and thorough examinations during the development and development of the jaw and teeth.

After working as a dentist for many years, Alberto realized that in order to become the best dentist and reach his full potential, he will need to learn and hone his skills at a rapid rate of research and advancement in new technologies to improve oral health.

Alberto has found that the majority of people are unaware of oral health and ignore various oral health issues due to lack of awareness and fear of treatment. For many years, he has made patient comfort and oral health his top priority, offering a personal dental procedure.

Currently, Motzo is still practicing while pursuing his degree. This may seem strange to a lot of people, including his family that a professional expert who is known is in the area for providing the best services is going to college. But Alberto believes that you can never be perfect and there’s always a scope of improvement.  As the world never stops evolving and innovating, any person should always strive to become better and increase their knowledge.Alberto talks about the new opportunities and experiences he gets as a working student in Germany. Working and studying together pushes you to set up your schedules more precisely and get done more at the end of the day. It ensures in a particular day that you grow your mental self-learning new researches and theories while understanding and figuring out ways how it can be implemented in real life. Patients who are considering dental treatment or who suffer from oral health problems can consult or call Alberto Serafino Motzo for more informatio