Alberto Serafino Motzo: A Versatile and Skilled Dentist


To become successful in life, hard work and willpower play a very crucial role in a person’s life. It needs lots of hard work and passion to achieve something great in your life. Along with this, a person sometimes has to come out of the ordinary to attain mastery in a particular field. Talking about one such personality, Alberto Serafino Motzo, he is a dentist in Germany and working for last several years.

His journey of becoming a dentist contains different stories and aspects that are very much inspirational for others. His interest in becoming a dentist rose when he was in school and one when he went to a dentist and experienced his mastery in dentistry. At that moment, he was also amazed by the types of equipment that are used by that dentist. Thus, from then, he decided to become a dentist and to attain mastery in dentistry.

After several years, he completed his education and began with the practice as a dentist. Motzo began to work as a full-time dentist and also started to learn new things every day. During his practice, he faced lots of patients with different dental problems. This thing gave him the courage and also guided about how to deal with the different situation. With time, Motzo realized that to attain the mastery, he has to look forward to some advancement, and thus he decided to obtain his master’s degree in dentistry.

Thus, while working as a dentist, he joined college to obtain his master’s degree. In the begging, it seemed to be strange for his family that from a full-time dentist to become a working student may hinder his dentistry. However, the confidence and motivation that Alberto had, has helped him in becoming a good student and a good dentist. Alberto believes that it is important to gain more education and knowledge if someone wants to become the master of a particular field.

While working as a dentist and studying as a student, he precisely focuses on both fields. Alberto also believes that it is one of the most important parts of working as a student that you have can get different opportunities to gain more experience. The experience that a person gains while working and studying together can provide benefits in different forms. It also helps you to manage your schedule and time that can further help you in your normal routine life to become a discipline. Working while studying also helps a person to explore new opportunities every day and that can bring an enhanced experience to unlock the full potential.

Alberto Serafino Motzo – a working student always focuses on bringing out the maximum potential he has. While studying to attain his master’s degree, Alberto also helps his colleagues’ students and other people regarding their dental problems. Now, this is what a person gets benefited when he or she works while study. You can never stop learning and helping others in the right direction.