Accomplished Las Vegas Architect mentions ways to become more productive.

leesa fazal

Leesa Fazal Las Vegas, the founder, and owner of Leesa Fazal Architect, has developed excellence in her profession with extended practice in architecture. Her outstanding architectural design and cost-friendly solution earned her an excellent reputation in Las Vegas. Her skills are also appreciated for publication and design awards. Over a couple of years, Leesa developed a good name by delivering on-time and budget-friendly projects with perfect designs. After establishing her architect firm, Leesa Fazal branded her portfolio with planning and designing commercial, office, medical, hospitality, institutional, multifamily, interior design, and renovation projects. 

Leesa Fazal Las Vegas, as one the renowned Architects, she’s thrived throughout her career in creating the best working model that provides a highly comprehensive experience that includes contractors, engineers, clients,  and consultants. while working with many teams, Leesa noticed some habits that set some architects outstanding, which are;

  • Organizing Yourself With a To-do List

organization is always vital while there’s a need to develop competency in every profession. It’s always good to start a day with a to-do list and finish it as soon as possible. You back divide the work into smaller tasks that take a shorter time to avoid continuous and more extended positions. Also, integrate tasks like socializing, exercise, etc., into your list to help you expand your experience.

  • Grow Your Network

As per research, about 50-70% of jobs globally are based on networking. it would be better to consider starting volunteering for jobs and attending lots of industry conferences and events. The best way these days is to show off your work on social media. While people imagine and think to renovate their personal and professional space, your work might be something they exactly want.

  • Read more and keep yourself updated with the latest events

Anyone who reads a lot grows to have a better understanding of the world and its people. The books to read include history and theories of architecture, the science of art and design to help you learn new things and grow your mind. While being aware of what is going on in the outer world is also vital, Keeping track of the latest discoveries, projects, economic policies, and political events will help you in your work one way or another.


In a nutshell, Leesa Fazal Las Vegas has learned a lot and recommended being patient. Good things generally take time. If you visit the best buildings of Las Vegas or anywhere in the world, every great one has a similarity to how they were made over time.