Ben parlay patz -A California Based Business Tycoon

Ben Parlay Patz

Ben Patz, famously known as parlay Patz, was born in 1996 and began wagering on sporting events as soon as legally possible. When he turned 18, he joined an offshore sportsbook and placed bets on games. With his enormous success with parlay betting, his peers nicknamed him parlay Patz. He put his first legal wager on a Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao fight for $90, then bankrolled on numerous bets and took his money to Europe, where he quit the betting game. While in France, Ben Parlay Patz attended the American University of Paris. 

After a periodical stay in France, he returned to the US and began placing wagers again. This time around, he was unlucky and lost his saving throw from his first stint as a successful sports bettor. However, this couldn’t stop him from continuing to place bets and went on to win a 12-game parlay with a $75,000 payout. But the offshore sportsbook used was not a licensed and regulated establishment. They refused to pay Patz his winnings and instead paid him less than his winnings. From the experience, Ben parlay Patz became very cautious whenever he decided to bet.

With time, the repeal of PASPA played a huge part in Patz’s return to the world of sports wagers. Since Ben Patz was a New York resident, he had to drive over the bridge into New Jersey territory, where he could access their legal mobile sports betting platform. Being officially in the neighborhood state, he parks in a grocery store parking lot, where he opens up his sportsbook account and places his bets. Ben Parlay Patz’s favorite sports to wager on are football and basketball and collegiate and professional teams.

How Can Parlay Patz Afford To Place Such Large Wagers

Ben Parlay Patz attended both the American University of Paris and Columbia business school. From there, he became the chairman and co-founder of a business called Lakeworth Holdings —a company that’s an international investment company based out of New York. They are highly centered on helping clients with technology and energy domain work. Currently, they have 15 companies that they operate globally; it’s where Ben Patz’s income comes from, and he can wager on sports betting in the way he does, making bigger bets. 


Regarding Ben Parlay Patz’s achievements,  we can attest that the road to success may be rocky, but its payoffs are more worth than the effort. Therefore, knowing and starting putting your dreams practically at an early age, the sooner you’ll get the payoff.