A Professional Career Consultant: Hayden Holland Arizona

A Professional Career Consultant: Hayden Holland Arizona

Professional career consultants are specialized individuals who showcase their expertise in skills such as career planning, resume building, negotiation, and interviewing. Therefore they’ll help you become particular about your career. They might also guide long-term plans for your career, such as planning for a transition to a new job or phasing into retirement. With the endless list of the world’s greatest professional career consultants, let’s learn much about Hayden Holland Arizona as one of them.

 About Hayden Holland Arizona

Hayden Holland is a professional career consultant determined to help his clients build businesses in essential areas of business growth. He offers financial services and consulting, banking/trust services, corporate finance, and consultancy to small and medium enterprises.

He co-founded Abacus Bridge Fund to finance businesses on a short-term basis. After his studies, he obtained a Certified Financial Planner Degree in 1992, and he later got certification in Kolbe management. Hayden was on the AZ Chapter of the YEO board from 1994 – to 2000. He also worked as a real estate developer in Arizona, Washington, and Oregon from 2002-to 2008. From his experience and expertise, he’s managed to consult numerous businesses that raised capital through private placement transitioning via CNDX. It generated over $50 million in revenues in capital for real estate development and oil drilling projects. It included one involving Pennzoil in PA. 

Hayden has been working with Marie Ralston to grow e-Image Int’l, GearUp Outdoors, and Quest Firearms with Cigar Doors/BluStix since 2015. It allows people to access financial services and consulting, banking/trust services, corporate finance, and consultancy to small businesses. After several life-changing events, Hayden Holland Arizona is actively working on a book, and website/podcast referred to as Tears of Wisdom. 

The book mainly focuses on real stories and experiences of people through interviews; the shared experience of people’s hardships and challenges in their life, where they came out the other side better and stronger. It’s to educate and inspire others.

Hayden strongly believes that e-commerce is the future of all business operations. Therefore, besides helping his clients build their businesses, he also taught them the importance of e-commerce to business operations. Having a solid e-commerce space is essential for any business to stand in a competitive market and target respective audiences effectively. 


According to Hayden Holland, Arizona, e-commerce is essential in this digital era, making it necessary to build strong e-commerce. It will help shift your business to e-commerce to climb the ladder of success.