A Basic Guide to Make An Event Budget: Azar Jazestani

Azar Jazestani - A Basic Guide to Make An Event Budget

Celebrations and events are part of our social life. And a memorable event is possible with a lot of planning, details, decorations, and of course a great budget! A professional planner can count on you to help you handle all other things and hectic work that would stress you. They ensure your event is filled with joyful moments. And all planning goes as smoothly and as fun as it could be. Azar Jazestani is one of the top wedding planners in Canada, with a great experience in wedding plans, royal events, and ceremonies.

Gifted with a natural sense of grace and a passion for creating joy all around her, Azar is the founder and creative force behind Principal Planner, established in 2011. Through Azar’s attention to detail and personal grace; Principal Planner has grown to become a recognized event planning firm in the world. Having more than ten years of experience in this field, she talks about budget planning for event planning.

Strategies For Creating an Event Budget

Identify your event strategy before you jump into creating your event budget, it’s crucial to first decide on the foundation for your event. In this blog, we will understand some basic points and a Step-by-Step guide to creating an event budget; everything you need to know.

At First, Determine Your Event and The Overall Budget

Starting with the basics, you should identify the type of event you are planning and the overall budget for the event. It’s always best to start designing an event around your available resources.

Evaluate Your Past Events

Your past events can provide you with a wealth of data and information about budgeting for your next event. Evaluate your past events to understand the areas on which you spent more or less. If the printing cost was too high, you may want to adjust your budget now or consider new vendors?

Research to Understand The Industry

There are chances if you’ve visited a certain line item such as venue or staffing. You feel the same cost as others. Do some research to find general trends and research on present rates within the industry. You can go through insights like the current industry rate is less than what I paid for or my budget is less.

At Principal Planner, they have curated packages to meet all your needs and the expectations of luxury event planning. Their experienced team provides a full-service event design and planning for luxury experiences for weddings, corporate activations, and social events. She is a true inspiration for Middle Eastern women of her generation. For a luxury wedding event in Canada, Europe or Dubai, you can contact Azar Jazestani. Her team of perfectionists is always ready to help you in experiencing your dream wedding.