9+ Evergreen SEO Growth Strategies


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has become important to boost the online presence of the website. Creating a website to bring your business online is not enough. So, you need some of the effective ways that can help you reach a wider range of audiences. SEO is one of them. Start with SEO Audit Services and then go further with some of the effective tips that are mentioned below. 

So, are you ready to know about those techniques without wasting any time? Let’s get started. 

1) Know what your customers want 

The best way to boost traffic is to know what your customers want. If you plan your products as per the requirements of the customers, you will have more customers. 

The best way to know about your customers is through their feedback on numerous platforms like Instagram. Check what they have to tell you on your posts and so on. Interact with your customers, read their opinions, explore platforms like quora, and you will end up with a plan. 

You can go with Google Analytics to see the top searches and get ideas from there.

2) Update the old content 

When you go for SEO Audit Services, check your old content and update it on different platforms. Don’t forget to link them. This will help to generate more traffic through your old posts and content. Make sure the content you are updating is relevant. 

3) Roundup post

Roundup posts are simply posts that compile content or opinions from experts in your field. This can assist your business in receiving more traffic from the expert’s social media handles.

Here are four steps that you need to follow. 

● Pick up a topic or a question 

● Make a list of experts 

● Send them the question 

● Publish their responses

4) Use social media platforms 

Sometimes, you might not be able to gain organic traffic through your blogs because it is not easy to rank on a Google search if there are high-volume keywords. 

In such cases, the best way is to go with promoting your website, services, and products on social media platforms. You will be able to generate traffic from multiple social media platforms also. 

5) Send link equity to lower rank page

It’s a search engine ranking element based on the idea that some links pass worth and authority from one page to the next. 

This value is determined by a variety of factors, including the authority of the linking page, topical relevance, HTTP status, and more. 

Google and other search engines use a variety of signals to determine a page’s ranking in the SERPs, including links that pass equity.

Follow these three steps, and you will be done.

● Update the post 

● Share it again on social media

● Link it to the new post 

6) Scan Wikipedia for dead links 

You can go with scanning Wikipedia for dead links and then can turn them into your own. You can have these valuable links from Wikipedia if you can make a post about the topic and be a credible source of information. Examine the item that requires a source.

If you already have content that supports this claim, you can go ahead and submit your link. If not, you’ll need to create a new post that covers the subject in-depth and includes verifiable data.

7) Analyse the keywords of your competitors 

The next best practice is to keep an eye on the keywords of your competitors. You can have an idea of which keyword will be able to rank higher. 

Check the high-ranking keywords and then make relevant and engaging content. This will help your content rank higher and will generate more organic traffic. 

8) Increase the traffic with infographics 

There is some information that is hard to define engagingly. The best way to show that kind of information or content is through infographics.

It is believed that a brain will be able to retain visual information and infographics do the same thing. Users will be attracted to your content, and this is how they will navigate your website and might end up buying your product and services as per their requirements. 

According to studies, an infographic is 30 times more likely than a regular text article to be read. Websites that publish infographics see a 12 percent increase in traffic compared to those that do not.

So, what is stopping you from getting more traffic?

9) Monitor the stats 

Google Search Console is a useful tool for tracking potential issues with your site that may have an impact on your rankings. Keep track of your results. This will assist you in determining where you fall short and what you can do to improve.

10) Revamp the old articles 

Sometimes it is important to revamp old articles that were important but not written relevantly. It is time to update those and increase the organic traffic through it.

So, now you are well aware of all the amazing techniques to boost organic traffic on your website. What are you waiting for? Apply them and enjoy.