6 Emergency Signs your Air conditioner needs Repairing

Emergency AC Repair, Phoenix

The weather temperatures are rising and its almost impossible to stay indoors trying to beat the heat without an air conditioner. As the days pass by into summers, it will only get more hot and humid, meaning you would want your AC working in a top-notch condition.

Negligence will not only cost your peace at home but make It is best to have regular checks on the working conditions of your AC to ensure smooth flow. 

Keeping your AC in an optimal condition will guarantee your comfort and help you avoid emergency repairs. Consistent maintenance of your air conditioning system will ensure a steady and smooth operation year-round.

However, it is always possible to anticipate potential risks which you should look out for as warning signs. When you address the issues early with emergency air repairs you will prevent asset breakdown.

Here are five warning signs for you need Emergency AC repair:

1. Uneven Cooling

At some point, you may see that your air conditioner isn’t doing its job properly. Even setting lower temperatures vents out less cool air. Lack of cool air is a sign of a failed system compressor. Due to this, you may have uneven coolling throughout your home and the air isn’t cool enough.

2. Inadequate Airflow

Besides uneven cooling, the air conditioner might be functioning as expected and the air may still be cool. However, the room may still not feel cold, it may be due to restricted airflow. If you notice weak or little airflow from your Air conditioning vents. This is usually caused due to a clogged air filter or AC blower. Getting your AC system properly cleaned will ensure cool airflow.

3. Strange and Odd Noises  

Any unfamiliar sound from the usual hum from your air conditioner is a sign of an underlying issue. It can sound like a screeching, grinding, squeaking, and rattling inside the unit. More severe and unnecessary sounds mean immediate emergency repair. This can be due to motor breaking or malfunctioning compressor and waiting for it fix with time can be costlier

4. Unusual Odors

Any unusual smell coming from your HVAC system might become unpleasant. If you suspect bad odors especially like “smokey” turn your unit off and seek emergency ac service. Your air conditioner should be able to dehumidify, this can arise due to burned-out wire and mold growth. It is good to fix a small issue and avoid delay before it grows into a huge problem.

5. Water accumulation and Leakage

Your air conditioner depends upon refrigerant to cool and it produces condensation while operating. Neither of these should accumulate or cause water leakage. Water leakage issues can lead to damage to the mold and could also pose health threats to your family.

Excessive moisture near the AC unit can limit its functioning. In case you see any leaks, drips or pooled water call a professional emergency AC repair, phoenix.

6.Warm and Humid Air

When your Air conditioner unit blows out warm air and increases humidity it’s a sure way to know something might be wrong. To avoid misunderstanding make sure it is on cooling mode. If it still vents out warm air that means it has compressor issues and leaky ductwork. If you constantly feel sticky and uncomfortable your unit might need an immediate fix.


Air conditioning units should be maintained regularly to ensure a longer lifespan of the unit. It is advised not to ignore the risk signs and consult a professional technician immediately. Don’t let your summer cost your comfort, have an Emergency AC Repair, Phoenix real quick.