5 Ways To Increase Revenue Generation in Sports: A Complete Assessment of Hockey


The sports industry is growing faster than ever before. Over $150 billion are generated yearly worldwide for sports. This number is expected to grow even higher in the future. To keep up with the demand for new fans, many organizations are trying to become more innovative and diversify their revenue generation. With that said, here are some Cric Gator ways that hockey can innovate its revenue strategies and grow its business by 5%.


What are some of the most important revenue strategies in hockey?

1. Increase Fan Engagement

2. Utilize Social Media

3. Become a Digital Brand

4. Improve Ticketing Systems

5. Develop New Revenue Strategies


How can hockey innovate its revenue generation strategies?

When it comes to marketing, hockey is a relatively unconventional industry. Hockey doesn’t have any major sponsorships like other sports do. Instead, for the most part, hockey is reliant on ticket sales and merchandise sales.

Hockey has been slow to implement digital marketing strategies into their business. As a result, their revenue generation strategies are not diversified and they don’t generate as much revenue as they could be.

To help hockey innovate its revenue generation strategies, here are some things that hockey can do:

– Implementing a sponsorship strategy that would allow them to maximize their reach by increasing fan engagement with their brands.

– Utilizing digital advertising to reach new audiences and market themselves across the internet.

– Diversifying their merchandise line by coming up with new ways of selling merch that would increase revenue streams for the organization.

– Increasing ticket prices so that they can generate more revenue off of game day activities like parking, food, and beverages at games, etc.


How does hockey make money?

Hockey is a sport, but it’s also a business. Hockey generates revenue through ticket sales, sponsorships, advertisements, and television broadcasts.

To keep up with the growing demand for new hockey fans, NHL organizations need to innovate their revenue strategies.

Where does hockey make money?

Hockey makes money in three main Cricgator ways: ticket sales, advertising, and merchandising.

In the NHL, a team’s home gate receipts are dictated by ticket prices and how much of the arena is sold to non-team members. Home tickets range from $12-$150 depending on the game as well as the community that you live in and how many games per season you attend.

While hockey doesn’t have one solid revenue stream like other sports, it does rely on these three main sources for its financial success.

From an advertising standpoint, hockey has been utilizing digital advertising more so 

than traditional methods and will continue to do so in the future. This is because digital advertising is cost-effective and easy to track. It also allows advertisers to target specific demographics or locations and tailor their marketing efforts accordingly.

When it comes to merchandising, hockey needs to focus on growing its online presence. Hockey teams are known for their “cool factor” which can be enhanced with innovative designs like graphic tees and hats that feature popular logos or slogans. These designs not only make merchandise more desirable but also help with brand recognition which ultimately leads to increased revenue generation.



While hockey is a great sport, it is not the most lucrative.

To increase revenue generation, the game must innovate.

The following are the 5 main ways to increase revenue generation in hockey:

1. Increase ticket sales with innovative marketing

2. Create a new piece of merchandise

3. Develop a new premium offer program

4. Broaden the fan base with digital marketing and digital platforms

5. Create a new sponsorship program