5 Ways To Convert Currency For Forex Trading Success


Forex trading is essentially converting one currency into another. With an average trading volume of over $5 trillion worldwide,you might want to know how to ensure your success in trading, isn’t it?

For this, you would want to use the best free currency converter API to help convert currency. These real-time forex API give you the currency value of the pairs you are exchanging.

Moreover, with the currency exchange rates fluctuating daily, having a currency converter API will help you get a better deal on the exchange. Furthermore, this post will give you tips for exchanging your currency smartly so as not to incur excess fees. Read on to enlighten yourselves about the forex trading.

What is Forex Trading?

Forex trading is essentially exchanging one currency for the other. You can make money with forex trading or merely use it to get access to funds in a foreign land.

Essentially, if you trade in forex, you are trading a currency pair. For instance, you can sell JYP (Japanese Yen) to buy USD (US Dollar). Or you can sell the (USD) US Dollar to buy EUR (Euro). As much as possible, you try to buy the currency which will appreciate against the one you are selling.

There are three ways to trade in the Forex market:

·         Spot –This is over-the-counter trading which is a physical exchange of currencies. It is a kind of trading that takes place when you travel to foreign countries.

·         Forward- In this market, you agree to buy or sell a specific amount of currency at a set price and date.

·         Future- Similar to the forward market, you agree to buy or sell an amount of a specific currency pair at a future date

Learning more about forex trading will help you make more money. But, how does one go about converting the currency? Read on to know more about it.

5 Ways to Convert Currency for Trading

To trade in forex, you need to be able to convert your currency accurately and ensure you don’t incur high fees.

1.     Convert your currency at a local bank

It becomes easier to exchange your foreign currency at your local bank. They will charge you a lower fee to no fee. Often if you convert currency at huge financial institutions, you might lose some money in shipping fees and exchange fees.

Converting currency at your local bank ensures you maintain loyalty, and you might get access to the best exchange rates. Furthermore, you will be able to exchange money in minutes.

2.     Visit ATMs

Suppose you are unable to visit your local bank. You might want to visit an ATM in which you can withdraw foreign currency for a little to no fees. However, your ATM needs to be compatible to process foreign transactions. Furthermore, it should be in your bank’s network.

If your ATM doesn’t have a foreign transaction, you can withdraw your local currency and convert it to the foreign currency in the country you visit.

3.     Consider getting traveler’s checks

You can try to get a traveler’s check from your bank or union. Moreover, going physically to your bank or teller is an excellent idea to get the traveler’s check as it will eliminate shipping charges. Furthermore, you should try to get a check from a bank in which you have an account to prevent high fees.

Another option to convert currency is using pre-paid credit cards offered by Mastercard, Visa, or American Express. They prove more beneficial as you won’t need to cash the check.

4.     Try ordering currency online

You can order currency online through bureaus that sell foreign currency. However, if you want cheap rates, you will need to dig deep to find the right site. You can use sites like Fixer to order your currencies.

You must ensure you compare several websites so that you can get the best rates. Moreover, if you dig deep, you might be able to find sites that allow you to order currency online without paying shipping fees. However, the trick is to order a large amount of currency in a single purchase to waive off the shipping charge.

5.     You can buy currency at a foreign bank branch

Suppose you frequently travel to a foreign country. It might be a good idea to open an account at a bank there. You can directly convert your currency when you arrive there. Moreover, even if you don’t have an account, you can still visit a foreign bank branch and convert your currency at a lower fee.


Forex trading is an exchange of currencies by trading a currency pair. Moreover, you buy a currency that will appreciate against the one you sell. Some of the best ways to convert currency for trading is to ensure you do it at your local bank, order currency online, consider traveler’s checks, buy currency at foreign bank branches, or visit ATMs.

You can also access sites like Fixer, which is the best free currency converter API that will use real-time forex API to convert currency. Converting currency is a requisite when you want to trade in foreign currencies. However, to do that cheaply without incurring too many fees, the five tips in this post should help you.

So, use these tips and be a successful forex trader!