5 Tips To Choose Sustainable Lingerie

sustainable lingerie

Although lingerie is a daily need, it is likely one of the last items on your thoughts when considering how to live more sustainably. It’s believed that humans manufacture six billion pieces every year globally, with each piece surviving one to two years on average before being discarded in landfills. They are typically composed of virgin polyester and nylon (environmentally harmful polymers obtained from fossil fuels).

However, given the stretch required for fit and support, creating underwear with no negative impact on the environment remains a problem. Almost all underwear on the market now contains some elastane, or Spandex, which is difficult to recycle and doesn’t biodegrade. The following are the 5 tips for choosing a sustainable bra or sustainable lingerie.

Choose fibers that are sourced sustainably

It’s critical to research the materials used to produce your underwear to make a more environmentally friendly buy. That includes choosing certified organic cotton over conventional cotton (which consumes more water) and viscose from sustainable sources like Tencel or Lyocell (conventional viscose can destroy ancient or endangered forests).

Wherever possible, stay away from virgin polyester

Although most underwear contains some synthetic materials, virgin polyester and nylon should be avoided to minimize your environmental effect. The co-founder of Underprotection adds, “Many more manufacturers are employing recycled fabrics now.” “For example, instead of virgin polyester, the bases in our underwear are manufactured from recycled sources, and the elastane they use is recycled.”

Return to the fundamentals

Consider how long it will last when selecting underwear, especially given the current recycling issues. They are developing exposed items Because they believe that every woman needs uncovered underwear; it’s a wardrobe need.”

Ethical Manufacturing

The amount of apparel available is unquantifiable when it comes to fast fashion. Consider all of the fast-fashion boutiques you’re familiar with and how you’ll see entirely new clothing each time you visit. Who, though, creates that? Unfortunately, because there is such a high need for quantity and number, fashion manufacturers will go to inhuman lengths to maintain manufacturing enough things.

When washing, use caution

It is essential to wash your underwear with care to ensure it lasts as long as possible. Make careful to wash at moderate temperatures and use garment bags to protect your clothes. They recommend washing at 30 degrees or using the hand-wash program,” Uggerby says, adding that you don’t have to wash your bra every time you wear it if it isn’t required.

Final Words…!

The importance of lingerie cannot be overstated. The definition of lingerie has evolved through time. Still, today they’re seeking more and more sustainable, comfortable, and attractive lingerie. On the other hand, Unsustainable fashion is destructive, uncomfortable, unhealthy, and immoral. So, these tips will help you purchase a sustainable bra or sustainable lingerie.